Wonderful Oregon Wines at Great Prices.

We are a local boutique winery that creates small collections of wine so we can deliver the best quality for an affordable price. We buy our grapes from various growers throughout Oregon; each harvest brings unique qualities to the new vintage.

About Susan and Jim

Jim moved to Oregon more than 50 years ago, when the Oregon wine scene was just taking off. He made friends with people from Dundee and Newberg, which began his love of Oregon wines. Over time, through tasting a variety of different wines, he developed his palate.

Susan started her career in the restaurant business as a waitress and bartender where she learned about different wines, marketing them, and enjoying them. She has a background in advertising, marketing, and public relations, but above all, customer service has always been her secret power.

Eight years ago, Jim came home from a meeting with a client and said, “Honey! I bought a winery!”. Susan was completely surprised. They had never even talked about being in the wine business. They are happy to report, they are still married.

About Rose and Fern Cellars

Rose and Fern Cellars is a successful boutique winery, making wonderful Oregon wine. We sell at farmers markets, special events and online.

We learned a lot in the year it took to get licensed to sell wine. During that time, we met Joe Williams of D’Anu Winery. He’s been our wine maker ever since. It’s a wonderful collaboration.

We started out selling at the Happy Valley and Beaverton Farmers Markets and did really well. When the pandemic hit we held our breath for weeks, just like everyone else. Thankfully, the State of Oregon determined that the farmers markets were critical and should continue operating. Our fledgling winery was saved. Each year, we add more markets and special events. We now have two part-time employees and are looking forward to continued growth.